Fredrick Douglass & Micheal Jackson

The Civil War and Music ???


  • They both are African Americans.
  • Micheal Jackson had a soul for music.
  • Frederick Douglass had a soul for slavery.
  • Micheal Jackson was the king of pop
  • Frederick Douglass was a leader for slavery.
  • Frederick Douglass was involved with the civil war!
  • Micheal Jackson was involved with music!


Michael Jackson Rehearsal Footage - This Is It - 2009

Micheal Jackson!

I don't know if you know this but Micheal Jackson was the king of pop and he still is today.

One of his quotes are To give someone a piece of your heart is much more then all the wealth in the world! -Micheal Jackson

Fredericks Speech

1865 Frederick Douglass Speech Produced By Leroy Hyter

Frederick Douglass!

Fredrick Douglass was a leader and he was a well known man. He was well known because he was a leader of slavery and he was always respectful. He also said it is easier to build strong children to repair broken men.