Final Countdown!


I just want to sat thank you so much for taking the time out of your schedules the last few weeks to meet with me about your child's classroom successes! It is always to nice to get and talk with you in person!

I apologize for the delay in the newsletter. Between conferences and the flu going through my household (husband should be the end of it as of this week) I haven't had a minute in the evening. Hopefully 2 weeks won't go by again!


Last week in math we worked on counting by 10's and 1's to 100! The kids are doing very well counting by 10's when it is 10, 20, 30 etc. It gets very tricky when they try to start at 3, 13, 23 etc. Im teaching them to look at the 100 chart and find the pattern of the numbers to help make this easier! About 80% of the class can count too 100 now by 1's. This is a kindergarten expectation. Please continue practicing this at home!

We will take our test this week over numbers to 100.


Last week we spent most of our writers workshop time writing about different traditions we have at Christmas time. We learned what a text to self connection is. We would read a holiday book and then make a connection with the story. After we talked with friends about our connection, we wrote about it, then shared it. This narrative writing seemed to lend itself to some great details in their writing. Many were writing 3 sentences with no problem! It was great to listen to all of the things they are excited about!

Fun Week!

This week we are dressing up in something fun each day!

Monday-pajama day

Tuesday-Crazy Hat Day

Wednesday-crazy sock day

thursday - super hero day

Friday-castlio wear

Our party is Thursday and we have a group of parents who will be hosting this for us! Many pictures to follow!