Pyramids, a symbol to indicate

an individual’s development with its virtue and God’s grace

Shungite is a lustrous black non crystalline stone that has more than 98 percent carbon content. These are mainly found in Russia with its large deposit in the Onega Lake. The Shungite rocks have been formed with biological origin. These possess the following properties which have proved to be useful in different fields:

  • They are used for medical treatment since 18th century.

  • They are used for water purification.

  • They act as an anti bacterial element.

  • They are utilized as a pigment for paint.

  • These are importantly used in the production of Insulating material.

  • They are also used as Low density fillers.

We all might have heard about the Pyramids which have been developed since ancient times. The Egyptian pyramids are most commonly heard and are of great importance to the Egyptian people since they depict different religious as well as cultural importance to them. The pyramids represent the sense of harmony and the unity within ourselves as well as with the aspiring environment we live in. The each individual block of the pyramid is a lesson of life we already completed i.e. we can say these blocks reveal our ability that we have already learned to live the basic rules of existence in life. The topmost block of pyramid indicates that the highest goal of life has been achieved.

In the present era there arises a need for every individual to live in perpetual harmony and environment so to maintain this we need to do imply certain fundamentals to life and keep some good luck charms with us that protect us from harmful and bad vibes. So the Shungite pyramids are the one’s designed for this purpose.

Shungite pyramids are the pyramids designed from the shungite stones. The pyramids play a vital role holding an essential place in the development of any civilization. The diverse shape of pyramid and extraordinary properties of shungite stones make it to be more useful. The shungite pyramids creates a torsion field around itself that reflects the geopathogenic rays which make it able to protect your industrial and the residential premises harmful electromagnetic irradiation that originates from a variety of household equipments. The most important feature of these pyramids is the reliability shield they offer which helps to protect against the geopathogenic impacts. The regular use of these pyramids has resulted in strengthening and charging an organism’s body to a greater extent. Positive vibes are increased by the use of these pyramids resulting in:

  • Reduced nervousness

  • Reduction in over agitation

  • Reduced sleeplessness

  • Removal of headaches

  • Removal of spinal and rheumatic pains

  • Improvements in psychic levels

  • Brings emotional stability

Another major use of shungite pyramids can be seen in body massage that tends to produce effective results as it removes pressure, stress and purifies the bio field. They are also used for acupuncture that helps you in improving the health and strengthens up the immunity. For this purpose the pyramid is placed onto the palm of hand and then its top is pressed with help of fingers.