Team of Queens

Weekly Check-In

Summer Sizzle!

Hi ladies,

Since we are about to close out July, I want to remind everyone that July is the start of this quarter consistency bonus (get $100 in product credit when you sell $500 in July/Aug/Sept). Many of you are already there and others are SO close!!! Don't leave $100 on the table! A few simple emails and a call or two about the new line will make the difference. Plus, reaching $500 is when you start to earn business supplies.

August is all about the.....freebies!

If you are taking part in Rock your Summer, it is go time! Pick your level and go for it. You have nothing to lose and free stuff to gain (not to mention a HUGE booking at shows tool). If you haven't set a goal, let's chat and come up with a plan.

Let's Get Booking

The fall is coming and how many times have you heard "Maybe in the fall". We she is just around the corner! I took this info directly from SDU and highly recommend spending a little time looking at the core skill of Booking from Scratch or Booking at Trunk Shows. I promise, this will help your business.

(Go to SDU and click "Booking" on the left it will lead you to the links & videos)

When it comes to booking, follow our three simple steps to success: make a big list, warmly offer the opportunity to everyone on your list and book Trunk Shows from Trunk Shows. Reach out to your community and beyond and share your business with confidence.

What to do next:

1. Make a big list of potential Hostesses

Watch Danielle's video on Booking from Scracth

Listen to Danielle's Booking from Scratch training call

Use the social mixology worksheet and Jot down 10 names in each of your social circles

Tip: think about relatives, acquaintances, kids' friends' contacts, community connections and friends

2. Warmly offer the opportunity to the contacts on your list

Watch the Faux Booking Calls video

Send out warm-up emails to Prospective Hostesses.

Set a “Power Hour” to have your own booking blitz, make your follow-up calls and seal the deal with those Hostesses.

Set up shows online and send the Hostess a booking confirmation email!

Tip: Think about each person individually - think of their style and then warm them up by sending an email with some images or a style video you know they would love. Use the monthly tools to help customize your communication and make the most of this month's specials.

3. Have a great Trunk Show and review the Booking at the Trunk Show section.

Mastering the art of casually dropping booking seeds during a show before asking about doing a show has made ALL the difference in my Trunk Show Calendar.