Mia Hamm

Overcoming Birth Defects to being an All Star Athlete

Early Life

Born in Selma, Alabama, the now 42 year old developed a love for soccer when she was a toddler. She was reported to have a partial club foot when she was born; making it not so easy to move around. She got her foot fixed, and went on to playing the sport more and more. Her father being an Air force Fighter Pilot, they were stationed to Italy; where the sport is even more popular. She went on to breaking records, winning Olympic gold, and starting her own charity to create a United States professional Women's Soccer League. In 2012, she was named ESPN's Greatest Female Athlete for the last 40 years.

The Garret Game

Mia's brother, Garret, suffered from a blood disease called aplastic anemia from the time he was 16 through he was 28. Garret passed immediately after his bone marrow transplant. Him and Mia shared their love for soccer. "He wouldn't have missed one of my games for the world, no matter what physical condition he was in," Mia stated. After Garret passed, Mia created a foundation called "The Garret Game" to raise money to research cures for aplastic anemia.

After Retirement

Mia went on to retire from soccer and start another foundation. This foundation was to create an All American soccer league in America and to help young girls get into sports. Mia wanted her league to flourish, so she capped all salaries in the league at $85,000 to provide money to go to her foundation for kids. She served as their role model, only gave young girls a positive look on life.