Target Market

Inside The Mind Of A Successful Company

What is Target Market?

· The key to making your business important and effective.

· In most industries your PRODUCT dictates your PROSPECT. ~ In other words when you want to put your product out there don’t go to the wrong distributor of attention. You want to catch the correct audience who will enjoy and understand the content, a.k.a don’t waste their time.

· Network marketing are the behind the scenes workers in action, this is the main cause for your product to be advertised.

· You are NOT limited to only marketing to people that you have experience with but if you identify a target market that you don’t fully know, you better be willing to immerse yourself in their world and learn it. What magazines do they read? What shows do they watch?

· Companies like to put their feet in the shoes of their customers they want to attract. Like, where they hang out so they can put it on billboards so they can pass by them on roads. In the magazines they like to read, and even on the TV networks they like to watch.

Target Market is how you reach out to the world, but more specifically the audience you think would be interested in your service or what your service can produce. TV, the internet, newspapers, billboards, magazines. Location is a huge priority for this concept. Let's say if you were a Diaper's company or something in the broad subject of childcare, you wouldn't put your ad in a gas station where you can buy beer. You would probably put it in health clinics that deal with pregnancy, or baby or toddler stores. The main idea of target market is the essential steps to associating your product or what your company does to the public.

Target Marketing

Famous Companies: ProActiv

· Proactive:

1. They want to reach out to teens and adults ages 13-23

2. They reach out to TV networks where they would receive most of the attention of this audience like TeenNick, TBS, and Disney

3. They can get celebrity endorsements from people like Vanessa Williams and Jessica Simpson, people who are idols in teens’ eyes so in a way that pushes the customers to be just like them

4. They locate their magazines in drugstores and doctor clinics

5. A whopping 85% of teens have acne. Teens are known to be a tad bit ignorant but something that pushes them is seeing celebrities and the knowledge of seeing that it actually works and also the 60 day money back guarantee of the return policy is pretty assuring.

6. Social media is a way for a company to be able to do their own target market. Examples include: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+

This following video is an example of #3 and reaching out to audiences such as #2 and #5

Justin Bieber Giving Fans Proactiv

Famous Companies: Budweiser

· Budweiser:

1. You see most of these commercials during big football games, because the majority of football fans drink beer

2. They locate their billboards near sport stadiums such as the American Airlines Center because there are beer vendors at the games

3. Budweiser magazines are located near gas stations to push a customer or convince them to purchase a beer while being there

4. The majority of the people are people who are passionate about their country and enjoy the old fashioned times

5. Budweiser’s commercials have usually been seen in two of America’s favorite pastimes; football and baseball.

6. Their products are based off pieces of history. Some people can recollect the disastrous events but to see a “piece of history” it becomes a buyer’s need

7. Companies also like to affiliate them with the military again another example of patriotism

8. To attract older customers (age appropriate) , they base their commercials such as the famous “The Epic Toast” shows the freedom away from work

9. Companies usually tend to base their work off of old times, a way to attract an older community or audience

The following picture represents 2
The following video represents 4,6, and 7
Big image
9/11 Budweiser Clydesdale's Tribute best ever HD

Famous Companies: Gatorade

· Gatorade:

1. These commercials are mostly on ESPN, the worldwide leading network of sports because this drink is mostly drunk during sports

2. You see magazines in Pharmacies because the electrolytes in the drink can actually help reduce stomach aches

3. It is also found in Michael Jordan ads because as the same reason of ProActiv when a customer sees their idol drinking it they want to drink it too.

4. Decided to be quiet for a while so they can scare their competitors all of a sudden

5. They aim for special events or dates that mean something to their company

6. This is because the supporters of the theme of the company (sports for an instance) would be watching

7. A perfect example of this is when earlier this year, people nationwide printed off their brackets, penned in their choices to get a part of March Madness. Gatorade saw the opportunity and leapt for the shot.

8. The brand is also shifting how it approaches marketing for the G Series line, an idea that gets customers all hyped up for the new flavors

9. Media comes into play again because of the thrills one could receive by just watching the commercials

The following picture shows 7 and 8

The following commercial shows 1,3,8, and 9

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Lightning Bolt


To sum it all up, target market is your audience that you think would be interested in your company. Sports drinks like to aim for athletes, those who work out, and even pharmacies. Target Market is important to a company because this is how they attract interest from the buyers. It is the core of advertising. Competition is fierce in how a company decides to put their product or motive out in the world, so everyone needs to be on top of their game. For the online environment for companies, they are at an advantage because they have the online world, the internet, grabbing users as their audience with ads that just pop up. By cutting up your market into segments it will be easier to most likely catch the attention of those who want your product or service. Do not overwhelm start off easy! Think of target market as a cupid scenario. Cupid is your company, and the one couple that is looking for love (that whole concept) is target market. Think of advertising as Cupid's last arrow which means this is your ONE shot to get it right and make sure you establish a good relationship.