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Newspaper Project By Cole Goodall

Advice Column

Dear Cole, People keep saying it's wrong to be afraid of holographic sharks.I can't help if I feel... uncomfortable around them.Anybody I tell that I am afraid of the sharks they tell me to stop being a scared little kid then they laugh for about a minute. I even asked my best friend what I should do and then he started to laugh also.So could you help me out. -From Scared Child (Sam)
There is many ways how to solve that you know.The first thing you should try is a psychologist and see the result later.Another way is just stay in with them and get used to it.The third suggestion I recommend is don't get near holographic sharks anyway.Also don't tell anybody you are afraid of them and you won't have a problem. -Replied by Cole

Brain Jack movie that is bursting of excitement and adventure.

Like how technology is now days and like how convenient it is,well this book is full of technology and such excitement. I bet you would love Brain Jack, by Brian Falkner. It has a story that focuses on the main character of the story: Sam Wilson he is a hacker but he went a bit over board with his hacking so he had been found out and was recruited by a special force called the "CDD." They go and stop other hackers just like Sam from taking over but later there is even a greater enemy waiting for them so come and watch to see what Sam does.

The internet is so big, so powerful and yet pointless that is for some people it is a substitute for life.

-By Andrew Brown

Dogs using Neuro Headsets!?

Have you thought that humans can only can use Neuro Headsets, well there had been rumors that 3% of dogs around the world started to act different. Many say they started to act similar to humans. So some people tested theories to see what they did.They went and set up cameras in their rooms and after a few hours they went to check the footage and they caught their dog sitting on the chair and putting a headset on and doing different things on the technology. Many people say that the world is coming to an end. That is the end of this article.
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Hackers wanted

We are the leaders of the CDD and we need hackers to help us stop others from hacking us.We need many skilled and experienced hacker by our side if not the hackers will take over so we need you to help us stop them. we will set up a test to see how good you are at hacking, this test will mostly be a cake walk for most of you hackers. So come see us at the lobby at CDD building at sometime at noon on Thursday 13th. COME JOIN US NOW!