Welcome to Lineville

By Jon


Hi I'm Jon. you might be nervous coming to Lineville, but I believe you can get over your fear. You can make new friends I might even run into you sometime. Here's some things I think you need to know about ineville.


There's 3 types of music classes here at Lineville. You can learn Choir, Orchestra, and last but not least Band. In choir you sing different songs. In orchestra you use the violin, viola, and cello. And in band you use the trumpet, the flute, the clarinet, the trombone, and the baritone. Those are the 3 music choices you can do but you can only pick one. In 6th grade you can pick a different music class if you want or you can stay in the same one.

Zero zone

Hi have you ever heard of the zero zone? In the zero zone you're quiet. The red tape means quite but the blue tape means you can talk. You can get a minor if you talk in the zero zone when it's red tape. If you don't talk you could get an acknowledgement card by chance. If you get 30 acknowledgement cards by Friday you could get a green card which is like a free choice or eat with a friend in a classroom.This is how the zero zone works.

Conclusion:Whatever house you get I hope you have an awesome time at Lineville.
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You get to do all kinds of experiments in science class. You even get to learn where stuff is in your body. You get to learn about blood cells in your body and what they do. Sometimes you get to do different types of food experiments. You also get to do experiments you've never tried before and never knew you could do.Conclusion: Science is fun if you read about science stuff in books and learn about it more.