Counseling Connection

Mrs. Williamson & Mrs. Horton

Classroom Guidance Lessons

Classroom Guidance Pre K – 2nd grade

During the month of December in K – 2nd classroom guidance we will focus on caring. We will discuss and practice different ways we care for others.

For example the kindergarten classes will read The Pout-Pout Fish and discuss how the other animals in the story care so much about their friend they try and cheer him up. First grade students will learn about caring by reading The Little Red Hen. They will discuss how helping someone and not expecting anything in return is a caring. Second grade students will role play different scenarios and solve a problem by acting out the solution in a caring manner.

Classroom Guidance Grades 3-5

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions! As children grow and develop, they want to be more independent and they want to make important decisions on their own. As a parent you want to promote your child’s independence while still making sure they are making the right choices. During the month of December, classroom guidance lessons for third, fourth, and fifth grade will be about decisions making.

Students will learn a decisions making model called SODAS. SODAS is an acronym for Situation, Options, Disadvantages, Advantages, and Solutions. Using the steps in the SODAS model, students are able to identify the issues, weigh the pluses and minuses of several options, and come up with a solution that works best for them. The next time your child has a decision to make help them work through the steps, making a list of options and discussing the outcome of each.