Children Literature

By: Robyn Gaines & Maelin Long

What are the different genres and what do they teach?


  • The picture is as important as the text
  • The text & illustrations fuse together to provide more
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Wordless Picture Books

  • Pictures are the only thing that tells the story
  • That means they need a lot of detail because there are no words
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Traditional Literature

  • It came about because oral tradition
  • Passed down generation to generation
  • Often fairy tales (happily ever after & once upon a time)
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  • In a different world
  • Contains magical elements (talking animals)
  • Suspends disbelief
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Historical Fiction

  • Realistic fiction set in the past
  • Learn about history in a new way
  • Has to stay true to what actually happened
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Postmodern Picture-books

  • They expand the conventional boundaries
  • They mock traditional formats
  • They feature experimentation
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Six Genres of Children's Literature

Graphic Novels

  • A story in a comic book style
  • Tend to deal with real world problems as well as social issues
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Contemporary and Realistic Fiction

  • Deal with the problems and joys of living today
  • Character growth
  • Promote tolerance of others and different experiences
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Critical Issues

  • They recognize the cognitive and emotional capabilities if children
  • The address the causes of inequality, injustice, and exploitation
  • They include question in authority, organize for action, internationalism, peace, environment change, and disability
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Coming Together

These books all come together by containing similar elements that enhance a children's love literature. This is seen by books being categorized into different genres.