poetry anthology

by:jarrett greenwood

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Jarrett Greenwood grew up in a small town by the name of Wichita Falls. Poetry was never apart of his life until he was in high school. He was bombarded with poem after poem. After this experience he began to enjoy writing poems. It allowed him to be creative and speak his mind about the past, present, or future. He then grew up to become a legendary poet and eventually passing even the best of poets to make it to the poetry hall of fame. Even after this wonderful mans life is over he will be engraved in poets hearts forever.

where im from

I am from pizza rolls, from tostitos and cheez-its.

I am from the chaotic sports saturdays.

I am from the pecan tree , the dreaded spiky leaves.

I am from game nights and freckles, from Joey and Shana and Greenwood.

I am from the movie theaters and ordering pizza.

From clean up your room and study.

I am from Christmas and Easter.

I'm from Ireland, Ramen and Pot Roast.

From the football stories of my dad in high school and college.

I am from the attic where forgotten memories are screaming for attention.

priceless love

Flowers, sonnets, hugs, kisses, chocolate.

Love can be great or painful like a knife.

It is confusing but people need it

It is the fourth necessity of life

Love is needed as much as anything

Life without love is like sponge without bob

Life without love is like corn without cob

Everybody should strive for a soul mate

Love is like nothing I have ever felt

It’s sad when all that happens is a date

A crazy feeling is when your heart melts

Love is adventurous like an ocean

Love is the best of all the emotions



A forest

A overpowering sun

A beautiful fire crackling

A big gust of wind weaving through out

An unbelievable sunset worth all of my appreciation

A sky full of amazing stars peeks at me

A Gentle moo of a Cow

An astonishing moon

A forest

A pond

A cloud

A creek

Never ending beauty

laced with love

The belt for your feet.

Very under appreciated.

Helps on a daily basis.

Never failing.

Ever loyal.

Buy by the pair.

Buy by the pack.

Different sizes!

Different colors!

Think about life without shoelaces.

It’s a disturbing thought.

Constantly keeping us together.

Velcro just doesn’t cut it.

Things like grass and whatnot get stuck in Velcro way too much.

Laces on the other hand are way cleaner.

A world without shoelaces would be unbearable.

Your shoes would be useless.

Life is grand with laces in hand.

Laces don’t break when a lot is at stake.

Like a life changing race that could make you rich.

laces wont falter.

rotten pizza

Finally, I’ve been waiting forever.

The smell…mmm amazing.

Kids enjoying their food.

Soon I will join them.

But for now…my food.

I head to the buffet.

Cheese, Oreo, pepperoni, sausage.

Everything I could ask for.

I get my plate and fill it with all the delightful food I can fit.

With the rest of my family behind me I head to an open table.

I sit down with as excited as Donald Trump with a wall.

I hear my pizza calling to me ready for their next adventure through my digestive system.

Cheese is my first pick. I take a bite.

Magnificent! It’s worth all the waiting I’ve ever done!

CLINK! I’m interrupted by loud sound.

My fork has fallen on the ground.

I reach down for my clumsy fork.

I touch it with the tip of my outstretched finger.


The table fell as my fork did.

The parmesan and pepper shakers broke.

Glass everywhere! Panic!

I’m okay. Thank god!

But everybody is still going crazy. But why?

I look around for the cause of this outrage to find that it’s my elbow!

Blood. A lot of blood.

I become light headed. I pass out. Only to wake up in a hospital room with 8 stitches in my arm.

My mom relays what had happen. And my only question is “what happened to my pizza.”


I and other peoples are like cows

We are all different shapes

All different colors

Some destined to do more in life than others

Like show cows are celebrities of the cows

Humans are also lazy

Cows are lazy as well

A cow’s life is made up of sleeping and eating

A lot of humans don’t work

Unemployment rate is high

Cows stay in one place their whole

The only time they move is when they are sold which is most of the time once in their life

Humans are fine with mediocrity

We believe in the phrase “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it”

That’s our problem

We don’t chase our dreams and we have more of a chance than cows

Not to mention how all we do is consume resources like cows

We need too not give up on things so easily

We shouldn’t be so similar so cows

Our only difference is that we don’t get eaten by cows


I used imagery and similes in my poems to help the reader further understand my 6 poems. I used these things to paint a picture for my reader and I wanted them to be mesmerized and humored in my poems. The writing process was difficult at the beginning and usually spent my class time just thinking of a topic instead of getting things down on paper. But after I wrote one or two of my poems it was easier. I used real life occurrences to get most of my ideas and the reader inspired me because I felt like I couldn't let him or her down.