2015 in Review


Top Artists

Top 2 Products of The Year

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Amazon Echo

This new Siri-esque technology is a hands-free voice technology that recognizes your voice and understands and performs tasks.
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Samsung Galaxy 6S

The new Samsung phone rivals the iPhone in many ways. It has a better camera, more ram and storage.

Worst Products

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Future Robot FURo-S

The futuristic robot was a huge flop. It is way too big, too bulky, and frankly creepy. many people do not like the face or eyes.
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Tonino Lamborghini 88 Tauri

This phone costs $6300. All you need to know.

Companies That Marketed Well

Top 5Country Songs

5. Old Dominion, “Break Up With Him”
4. Carrie Underwood, “Smoke Break”
3. Cam, “Burning House”
2. Chris Janson, “Buy Me a Boat”
1. Luke Bryan, “Strip It Down

New Year Resolution

1. Spend more time with my Grandparents

2. Pass the AP Lang exam

3. Stop Procrastinating