Educational Apps

Fun, interactive apps for k-12 classrooms


Nearpod is a LMS that allows students to connect with their teachers from their tablets and phones. Teachers can post homework, assignments, quizzes and students are able to access this wherever and whenever.

Mathcubes: Addition & Subtraction for kids

This app allows you to customize the level, and the lesson for the age of the learners. Students can practice their addition and subtraction without having to use worksheets and text books.


This app is designed to help students learn new words, using games and flashcards. It creates a fun way for students to expand their vocabularies.


This app is created to make note taking more easy. You can access them on any device, use it anywhere, and stay organized. You can even create checklists and to- do lists and check them off as you go.


News-O-Matic is a news app for students that covers relevant news and displays it in an interesting way for students. It includes pictures, videos, games and maps. Students can search what they are interested in whether it be sports or world news.