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Summer is ALMOST here!

Can you feel it? Summer break is RIGHT around the corner. As of today (Monday 5/16), we have 12-13 wake ups left of the school year. How will you spend them?

This year has been full of highs and lows, but you should be proud of yourself for finishing strong! That's what LEADERS do! I want to share with you a quote that has always resonated with me:

"Do not follow where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail" -Harold R. McAlindon

In this quote, we all have a choice to do what everyone around us is doing, or break away and create new opportunities that lead the way for others in more positive and productive ways. That is what #LeaveYourMark, our theme of the year, is all about. As we close this year, I want you to think about how you have left your mark here at Ramirez. Did you just follow others on their path? Or, did you leave a trail that you and your family are proud of?

Not sure?? Well, you have 13 wake ups to figure it out.

Stay cool Wolf Pack!



On Monday, 5/16, we will return to our traditional 7 period bell schedule. GREAT JOB Wolf Pack on the last three weeks of testing!

We will be pulling students who still need to complete Math and/or ELA testing this week, 5/16-20.

If you had PERFECT attendance during the last three weeks, you are going to be entered into a raffle. Raffle winner will receive a special lunch for you and three friends! Winner will be announced this week...listen to the announcements!

Sprinkle Happiness

On Friday, May 13th, we had the pleasure of sprinkling some extra happiness during drop off! Thank you to those of you who came out, waved, honked, and joined us! I don't know about you...but this made my Friday the 13th one the of the BEST yet!

Sprinkle made possible by Unity, GSA, Umoja, and other friends on campus!

LAST Saturday School

We will be hosting our LAST Saturday catch up on May 21st from 8-12pm. This will be your last opportunity for the school year. Don't miss out!


NO GO means NO GO!

Be sure you are checking the No Go list to ensure you are able to participate in our end of the year activities.

Remember, you are on the No Go list for one of the following reasons: (1) GPA 2.0 or lower, (2) 3 or more tardies in periods 2-7, and/or (3) negative school behaviors (including PBIS majors, detentions, ACPs, dress code violations, etc.)

You can petition OFF of the list when you have had 10 consecutive school days without any of the above infractions.

When you are ready, you will fill out THIS FORM. It takes approximately 24 hours to get a reply. The next steps will come to your emails...so CHECK YOUR MAIL!

The last day to peititon to get off for the 8th grade dance is May 13th.

The last day to petition for the fun days (7th and 8th) is May 27th.



We need your help to select the leaders who will guide our Wolfpack through the 22-23 school year! ASB Officer elections will be held on Wednesday, May 25th you will be voting to help us pick the Wolves who you think are the most qualified to represent YOU!

Our campaign officially starts on Thursday, May 19th, but you can have a sneak peek of our candidates below... and join them for a Candidates' Forum in the MPR on Tuesday, April 24th - you'll have a chance to meet the candidates personally and to find out what they plan to do to make Ramirez even more amazing!!

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May 18: 8th grade ONLY Dinner Dance

May 23rd: Obligations & Textbooks DUE

June 1st: 8th grade awards night

June 2nd: 8th grade fun day

June 3rd: 7th grade fun day


SpeakUp Campaign

The SpeakUp for Safety tipline will be continually monitored by safety professionals, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long. Non-life-threatening tips will be quickly routed to designated school or district staff members, and in severe situations, district-appointed contacts will be immediately notified to take action. In the most urgent cases in which a student is in immediate danger and representatives are unable to notify a district-appointed contact, law enforcement will be contacted to intervene.

CNUSD SpeakUp for Safety tipline can be called or text at 951-589-0600 or emailed to speakup@students.cnusd.k12.ca.us

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