Finding Credible Sources

How to determine whether a cite is trustworthy

By: NATALIE HERKLOTZ, Abby Green, Leah Cole

Anyone can put information on the web...

1. Look at the Author

Most credible sources are written by authors who are highly respected in their field of expertise. If there is no author, chances are the infomation is not reliable. Check to see if the author is affiliated with any institution, what their educational background is, or if they had written anything else.

Ask yourself, "Is this source credible?"

2. Use Scholarly Databases

Using databases that are provided by the school is a good way to ensure that the information is credible. Some people think school resources don't provide enough material, but they actually provide access to the lastest information all around the world. Websites that end in .edu are educational sites that usually are written by professionals, look at these sites before turning to Wikipedia.