"Dreams" By: Langston Hughes

Cheu Yang, Alexis Parral


Langston Hughes was born on February 1, 1902 and died on May 22, 1967. He lived in Joplin Missouri.When he wrote his poets, he put his life into writing poetry.. He had string racial pride for African Americans and through his poetry was life experiencing and a great way of affecting peoples lives. When he wrote his poets, it help shaped and influence many people's lives. In each of the poets he wrote, it contributed to American Literature. He was writing poets based on reality and of what was going during his life time. Langston Hughes won a Harmon Gold Medal for Literature, Guggenheim Fellowship, NAACP Spingarn Medal, American Academy of Arts and Letters and many more.

"Dreams" (Tone)

Reading this poet is like not letting go of your dreams and saying that you can do it. You cold never have a second chance so take a shot at your goal and try to achieve it. The way that Langston Hughes wrote "Dreams" is a way of expressing his feelings and showing that everyone has a dream and knowing that you could achieve it.
The Cranberries - Dreams