Influences of Food Choices

By Will Moore

Physical Needs

Foods needed for...

1.Survival- Foods with lots of nutrients and proteins are needed for survival.

2.Hunger- A big double cheeseburger with pickles and bacon.

3.Health Status- Foods that are organic and not very fatty, that have low sugar and sodium levels.

4.Energy Level- Foods that have lots of sugar and caffeine

Psychological Needs


1.Moods- For a bad mood people usually eat chocolate or ice cream and for a good mood any food can do.

2.Emotions- Pretty much the same as before people will eat sweets when sad and any foods when happy.

3.Feelings- When I am feeling bad I usually avoid eating foods that I don't consider my favorites, and for feeling good I eat my favorite foods.

4.Body Image- For a good body image I eat healthy and avoid sweets and fattening foods while drink water mostly, for a bad body image I would eat all the sweets I wanted and load up on soft drinks.

Personal Food Preferences

1.Taste- I like foods that taste sweet and sometimes a little salty/sour.

2.Smell- I won't be able to eat anything if it smells like crap.

3.Color- If the food looks like it is moldy or like it shouldn't be the color it is I won't eat it.

4.Associations With Food-

5.Favorite Foods- My favorite food is pizza. Always has been, always will be!

Food Availability

1.Choices- Depending on what food is available I will usually choose the food that is the healthiest but I think tastes the best.

2.Seasons- The only food I like to get out of season is Strawberries.

3.Distribution- I distribute my food to all my family members.

Social Settings

1.Mealtime- When it's close to meal time my family will all wash our hands, come downstairs, and wait till the food is ready and we can make our plates. We then sit at our dinner table and have a blessing then eat. We usually eat things like steak and salads and other dinner meals.

2.Lunches- For lunch my family will usually either eat sandwiches at home or go out to eat.

3.Movies- When we go to the movies my family gets two large popcorns and a drink for all of us, plus candy that we smuggle in from a gas station.

4.Other Events- For other events we usually just act casual and eat like its lunch.

Society & Culture

1.Ethnic Traditions- My family is half Italian and half Norwegian but we don't really go by our heritages besides eating spaghetti a lot and eating pizza a lot.

2.Religious Beliefs- My religion doesn't really forbid the eating of any kind of food.

3.Family Traditions- On the first and last days of school we will wake up early and have pancakes with bacon and chocolate chips in them.

4.Holidays- On Christmas, Easter, Thanksgivings, and 4th of July we go over to my grandparents (mom's parents) house and cook out.