Welcome To Mica Area High School

By Leo Borlock


Tips for making friends at Mica!!!

  • Being new can be a huge change, especially when you have been home schooled and aren't acclimated to interacting with others. You should expect some nice and understanding kids. While, there will be some not so nice kids. My first tip for you is to just be nice back to everyone. Once you have been nice no matter what, you should have many friends in no time.

  • You may experience being different than others, it may affect you being popular. The way you dress, act and your personality is a big part to some girls and boys in this school. If you act different than everyone else, you might not have as many friends. Makeup and designer clothing will get you friends and you will be popular.

  • Another tip is don't get involved with drama. Drama can make your popularity drop in about 3 seconds. Avoiding kids that don't seem to be nice can be better for fitting in. Many kids can peer pressure you into doing bad actions and/or dangerous things. Stay away from kids that start rumors or judge others. This will certainly lead you out of drama and trouble.

  • My last but not least tip for you is to do some school activities. By doing some activities, you will meet new people. You will get more friends from each activity you do. That is the best way to show some talent to your friends and make more friends!

Not sure how to get friends? Here are 4 steps and tips to getting to know each other!

Step 1. Say hi! Its that simple just to say hi in a polite way to get someone's attention. By getting someones attention, it will make things easier.

Step 2. Talk about something that looks interesting to them. Sports, fashion, an activity, or their school schedule. This should get you started with knowing what they like.

Step 3. Once you have started multiple conversations on interests and cool things, then ask for their phone number or anything to communicate with them. Just try not to sound desperate.

Step 4. At lunch you can sit with that friend. Later on that week, you can hang out after school. This is the best way for people to know you super well.

Who is popular?

Learn about what kids are popular and who they are.

  • Hillari Kimble is popular for her boyfriend (Wayne Parr) and her big mouth. She is a total girly girl. She loves makeup, fashion, attention and doesn't do sports. She likes drama and to start rumors. My tip is too avoid her, but if you like her drama, go right ahead.

  • Wayne Parr is popular for dating Hillari Kimble. He doesn't play any sports. He must love attention, too, because he dates Hillari. He doesnt get A's, no awards, and joined no organizations. He is also very gorgeous.

  • Mallory Stillwell is popular for being the captain of the cheer leading team. She does cheer leading and is very welcoming. I suggest you be friends with Mallory, shes fun and if you like cheer leading, they will definitely give you a shot.

  • Kevin Quinlant and I (Leo Borlock) are popular for our show Hot Seat. Its very fun and entertaining. Kevin and I are very nice and friendly.


  • Archibald Hapwood Brubaker is the best mentor/teacher you will ever have! He is so nice and caring. Most of all, wise!

  • He is a paleontologist. He digs up bones and observes them. He retired at 65

  • His wife, Ada Mae passed away when he was 66.

  • He lives next to the tallest cactus and its name is "Senor Saguaro". The cactus was 30 feet tall.


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Activities at Mica Area High school!

Sports are a great way to interact with kids and making new friends! But it's also good to learn something new and have fun!!! Show some school spirit!

  • Basketball is a sport played at Mica Area High School. Support the Electrons at games and practices. School spirit is very much appreciated for our team ONLY!!

  • Football is another sport played at Mica. Again support our team at games and practices. We need more support to show our team some love and support.

  • Cheer leading is another sport that we do at Mica and it's great for supporting other teams. The team captain of the cheer leading team is, Mallory Stillwell.

  • Another activity we do at Mica is band. If you enjoy playing an instrument such as, guitar, ukulele, flute, clarinet, triangle, drums, and trumpet this is the place for you!

This song is 'Who says' by Selena Gomez!

Hot Seat

This show is run by Kevin and I!

  • Hot Seat is the most popular "show" in Mica! We ask embarrassing and funny questions for information about the guests life. We have so much filming. We hope we can sign you up some time!

  • The jury asks questions to you and is not allowed to make statements. If they do make any offensive statements, they will be told to sit down. The jury is made up of Mica students who volunteered to ask question to our Hot Seat guest.

  • Don't be nervous. If you are nervous you will make a fool of yourself, everyone including, Hillari Kimble have embarrassing things to say about themselves. So don't be shy or worried.

  • Enjoy yourself!! This is supposed to be a fun experience when you and the cast has fun. So, everyone is joking around and having fun, it can be serious at times though. Only if there is serious drama or rumors about you.


  • The Octoball is a prom at Mica! It in Late May on a Saturday!! Go on the tennis courts in Mica country club to find where this dance will be.

  • Make sure you are accompanied by someone. If you don't go with a date, people will make fun of you and judge you.

  • People will be wearing elegant dresses and nice suits. So, don't come wearing a big bird costume, people will also ignore you.

  • Octoball games and activities are super fun. Dancing, of course, we have the entire tennis court to dance and play activities! Another dance is the bunny hop. That is a commonly fun dance at Mica.
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