Mrs. Faccio's 4th Grade Newsletter

April 30, 2015


This newsletter is devoted to the upcoming Madison field trip. Our adventure begins on Monday, May 4th at 5:45 AM!

Clothing - The preliminary weather reports are showing highs of 73 with a 60% chance of rain. So, please make sure your child is dressed appropriately. We will be outside during the day. Tennis shoes are the best option for footwear since we will be walking a lot!!

Lunches - Please pack a BIG healthy lunch for your child. They will be allowed to eat on the bus so they are welcome to bring snacks, drinks (with caps) and whatever else you see fit.

Chaperones - All students are assigned to a chaperone that they've agreed to. I asked for their input and tried to pair them with someone they knew and felt comfortable with. If you are a driving parent, I still assigned your child a chaperone for the bus and any places where you might be running behind due to traffic/parking.

Itineraries/Responsibilities - You will get a copy of these the morning of the trip. Driving parents, I will send the itinerary home with your child TODAY so you have a copy. I'm assuming you will be following the bus but just in case, I thought it would be wise to give you a copy early since I may not see you the morning of.

Devices - Students ARE allowed to bring devices on the trip. It's a long bus ride so anything they have that would make the time more enjoyable is o.k. with me. They will leave their non-school devices on the locked bus. If they'd like to take pictures, cameras or school ipads are welcome.

Pick Up - Please pick up your child at 5:30 at Forest Glen.