The Pit Of Darkness

The Lord of Darkness is coming for you...

Introduction to Scarletown

You have just fled the village of Scarletown. The village was the place of your birth and now you fear for your soul because Lord Darkness has been collecting people to turn into his minions. Just as you leave Fangin Forest to look back at Scarletown you feel an icy prick at the back of your neck. It becomes hard to stand. Your eyes begin to water and your mouth begins to foam. The last thing you recall is cold hand of a gauntlet clutching you by the shirt and tossing you into a crate. “Found you, To the Pit of Darkness!” a voice screams, as you drift to sleep.

Level 4 WAR!

After defeating the Night Terror and questioning it, you find out that you have been the reason the Lord of Darkness has been raiding village after village. He has been searching for you. In some way you are a part of the Lord of Darkness’ grand plan. In your soul you feel courage that you never felt before and strength that has made you faster, smarter, quicker. Moreover, you now know that only you have the power to stop his army from conquering the free lands of mankind. Only you have the gift to vanquish him and bring peace to the Realm. If the Lord of Darkness wants a war you will give it to him….

Level 5 There can only be One….

The Lord of Darkness’ Army has been destroyed and his remaining generals have retreated with him. He has escaped back deep into his mountain fortress. Most of the mountain has been set on fire or is smoking from the carnage of your battle. Birds begin to fly again, butterflies are fluttering, and the deer with their fawns carefully poke their heads out of Fangin Forest. In your soul you know you’re not yet finished with the Lord of Darkness. You make your way through the remains of his mountain until you come to the last chamber. This is his personal laboratory and research center where all of his power is located. It will not be easy to reach him, but you know some way you must. As you enter he laughs and says “There can only be one come and face your destiny.”