Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire.

"The Man" is Holding Us Captive with Forced Ignorance.

"He used to say that artists use lies to tell the truth, while politicians use them to cover the truth up."

After V killed Gordon Deitrich, he and Evey were having a conversation. She was showing they had common ideals and views towards the government. She began to tell V how her parents were taken away by the government when she was young because they became political activists after her brother had died. This one statement, this one single sentence, has so much truth to it, especially when applying it to the dystopian society and the government controlling it in today's real world. Artists use political cartoons, graffiti, comedy, poetry, and many other things to get the people’s attention. They'll use sarcasm and backwards thoughts to subtly show people the truth in the lies they are living in and are being told everyday of their lives. Politicians don't really care about the people of their land. They want to be a figurehead, they want to be in control, and they want the perks of the control given to them by the people they blatantly lie to. Every part of the process to get to where they are they will lie. They say what they know the people want to hear to get elected, they create smear campaigns against their opponents, and they make you believe they are looking out for your best interest “unlike others in the race and the ones before who are bound to and have already let the people down.” Once they are elected they keep lying to keep the people happy. They will tell us some true, basic statements to make us feel like we’re in the loop, but the major, critical issues we truly need to know about are kept from us. When one of the few people involved in these major secrets don’t want to keep us in the dark anymore, they leak a fragment of information to us. Even though it is probably only .000001% of the whole situation, it is enough to get people in an uproar. Again, even though it is probably only .000001% of the truth being given to us, the government will do whatever they can to take that information back and punish the person that spread it. The government does not want us to know everything because if we did we would be frantic and furious and they would be out of the jobs we had once placed them in.

Big Brother isn't Looking Out for Us Anymore.

We live in an all-knowing era. This is partly by our own free will. With the advances of technology, we have become addicted to the internet and all it has to offer. We put our every movement, thought, picture, and decision on the World Wide Web for all to see, and every last one of those posts will be saved forever for anyone to see at any moment in time. We do this without a second thought. Unfortunately, the government in the U.S. and many other forms of government around the world has been and still is taking extreme advantage of the technological age and is keeping a close eye on every individual making up their society. When Edward Snowden leaked this information to the public, government officials first reassured us that it was a lie, a scandal that should be ignored. When it wasn't ignored they tried to tell us that this nanny cam scam they created was for our benefit and to keep us safe. If this ever-watching eye is for our benefit and the government really has a good reason behind it all, why would they hide it from us and then lie about it? What is their excuse for secretly stalking their citizens and violating parts of the Constitution which was created by the men whose shoes they are filling? There isn’t one.

In America, there is a social class system, just like in every society. There is the belief that people have the ability, if putting forth the effort, to be able to go from one social class to the next. At this point in time, that seems merely impossible. The social classes are slowly becoming more defined and permanent. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. All the wealth and income in America is mainly held in the top one percent. Out of the whole population, only about seventeen percent of the American people own America. The flow of money through our country is weakening. The ones with the money rule the world. Slowly, a hierarchy system was being created right before our eyes, and somehow we were blind to it.

A common enemy has been created for the American people to hate and come together as a country against. The war on terrorism was all started by our country. George Bush invaded their land in search of “weapons of mass destruction”. When he was unable to find anything, he just said that they had moved them somewhere else. He then proceeded to send in American troops to fight in Afghanistan and Iraq. One day, we were peaceful, the next we were invading land that had no reason to be invaded. They say we were under attack first, but it seems that we were attacking the innocent. Yes, there are terrorists, but truly, they only make up about five percent of the Middle Eastern population. Most of the people being attacked and hurt are innocent bystanders: men, women, and children. We are wiping out villages, destroying people’s lives, all because there were thought to weapons that were going to be used against our country. Was that really the reason? Or was that just what we were told?

Coldplay- Spies Lyrics

They're All Spies

The perfect theme song for the novel 1984 would be “Spies” by Coldplay. In 1984, everyone is constantly being monitored. If they are not at home being watched by their telescreens, then they are out and about being listened to by hidden microphones or by the people around them. The common people of this dystopian world are in their own way spies for their government, Big Brother. Those who are not even against the government but may be questioning some things are in constant fear of what they say, do, or even think. Not only are they being watched on the outside, they are being watched inside their own minds.

Coldplay’s song “Spies” would be perfect for the theme song for 1984 because it is saying that spies are everywhere, all the time, even when we are not aware of it. One stanza says “I awake to see that no one is free
We’re all fugitives
Look at the way we live
Down here I cannot sleep from fear no
I said which way do I turn
I forget everything I learned”. Everyone is treated as a fugitive, no matter how free they are told or believe they are. Then in the very last stanza it says “And the spies came out of the water
And you’re feeling so good cos you know
That those spies hide out in every corner
They can’t touch you no
Cos they’re just spies
They’re just spies
They’re just spies
They’re just spies
They’re just spies”. This describes Winston’s transformation. He went from fearing every thought he had and every move he made to no longer fearing anything because all his thoughts and movements became pure in the eyes of Big Brother. The spies cannot touch him because now they have no reason to.

Big Brother Bash

Monday, Dec. 30th 2013 at 9pm

Atlantic Station, Atlanta, GA, United States

Atlanta, GA

Who else is tired of THE MAN telling us what to do and giving us false information? Who else is tired of being controlled and slowly losing the rights that we deserve? If you are, come to Atlantic Station on December 30 at 9:00 pm and join the cause. Help rally against the oppression the government has placed on it's people. Help us show them the errors of their ways. We will be having a peaceful sit in and be listening to everyday people talk about how the government's unfair acts have affected them. Bring your own posters or make them with us when you arrive. Join the movement. Help make a change.

Mini Dystopia

A mini dystopia that I know personally are my neighbors across the street. A devout catholic family with eight children that keeps to themselves in every way possible. The children are homeschooled and all their clothes are handmedowns. They were never allowed to play with the other kids in the neighborhood and were given strong restrictions when it came to the internet, radio, and television. My parents have always joked and said they were a mini cult, but honestly, I do, in some light, see them that way. They isolate themselves and only have a small knowing of the world around them, The control the parents have on their kids is very powerful.

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