Shang Dynasty

Ancient China


This article includes everything you would want to know about the Ancient Chinese during the Shang Dynasty. From location to artifacts to language to leaders. You will also find out about the importance of the Shang Dynasty and their many inventions. After you read on the Shang Dynasty you will find that their civilization is extremely different from ours.

Zoe Volmer- Anthropologist

    Ancient Chinese created important communication tools such as paper, printing, and ink. Before creating paper, China used their close and well known resources like strips of bamboo and pieces of flat wood. The peole of the Shang Dynasty were also polytheistic, believing in more than one god. They believed in that one superior deity ruled the rest. His name was Shang Ti, or 'Lord on High'. He was believed to be the link between mankind and the spirits.     These people were highly advanced in bone carving, jade carving, ceramics, stone, wood, shells and bronze. Bronze was an extremely popular resource during the Shang Dynasty. It was mostly used by royalty and respected preists. It was used for things like drinking vessels, chariots, axes, and even hairpins! Just like a lot of other ancient civilization, the Shang Dynasty had a social pyramid.  This consisted of the king going first, then the military, then the preists, then the merchants, traders, and farmers. And lastly, the slaves and workers.     The currency of the Ancient Chinese was different types of Cowrie shells. These shells most likely originated from the Indian Ocean. In addition to wealth and money, the Ancient Chinese had interesting burial ceremoies. In tombs, they would place objects of wealth near the respected people during their lifetime to possibly use in their afterlife. Sometimes, the tombs would collapse, burying the people who created the tombs alive. People of lower class, for instance, the merchants and traders were sometimes tossed down wells. The Shang Dynasty was verry different from how we are now.

Historian-Jack Benjamin

The Shang Dynasty’s supposed beginning was in the range of the mid-18th to the mid-16th century B.C.E. The Shang Dynasty had a social pyramid like the food pyramid but with the social order that lists the classes of the people in the Dynasty. The social pyramid was used in many Empires, Dynasties, and Republics that were in ancient times. During burials the social pyramid was used in how people were buried. The Shang had some of the workers who helped build the tombs buried alive with the dead royalty. The lowest and lesser classes weren’t buried in a nice way because the lesser class was buried in pits while the lowest class was thrown down wells.

The Shang Dynasty’s main history was in the Bronze Age so their weaponry was made of bronze like their axes and chariots which they used in battle. The most important leader in the Shang Dynasty was the king, Wuwang was an important king in the Shang Dynasty and was the first king of the Zhou Dynasty.

Geographer-samuel purcell :D

The people of the Shang dynasty were located in china’s northern plains. They were very fertile plains bcause they had farms around there citys. There most precious material for some time was jade they made jewllry out of it. Another important material bronze witch they made weapons and armor out of. Geography leads to the success of this group because the soil was good for plants to grow. Yes they were geographicly lucky because the soil wasn’t just rock and they had productive crops to grow. They are located in eastern china. In a place called the northern plains.there are about 23 contrys where the shand dynasty was including the capital beijing (beah-jing).

Monica Hurd- Archaeologist

The Shang Dynasty was a very important ancient civilization. The Shang are mainly remembered for their unique metal work and developing some of the first Chinese writing. They also had a very important legacy. They are best known for their somewhat advanced calendar system. This system had a 360 day year with 12 months in each year and 30 days in each month.The Shang were great crafters. Especially when it came to bronze work and weapon making. Later, the Shang became even more advanced with their work and started creating cooking utencils and pots which we still use today. Though the Shang used early Chinese writing, nothing with myths or legends recoreded has been found. However, Archeaologists have found ceremonial engravings on bone and tortoise shells.