Read Pies and Prejudice today

Book by Heather Vogel Frederick By Amisha Tayal


The settings in my book are Concord, England. The main character in my book is Emma Harthrone. Emma is a girl who loves to read. Her best friend Jess and the other book club friends are sad that she is moving to England for a year because her family and another family are swapping houses for a year. To keep having book club meetings the book club friends decide to buy a mini laptop so they can still video chat.


My reaction for my book is that it was not as exciting as I thought it would be. It was little exciting in the other books.

About the book: (Theme, Summary, Conflict)

Theme: You should always believe in your friends.Conflict: Emma leaves and moves to England for a year.Summary: My novel is called Pies and Prejudiced by Heather Vogel Fredrick. This book is about these friends named Emma, Jess, Cassidy, Megan, and Becca. Their mothers had started a book club back in the 6th grade. Now in the start of 9th grade, Emma suddenly has to leave to England for a year because of a house swap. The book club friends have decided to buys her a mini laptop so they can still video chat. When Emma leaves to England she starts to have problems with people and some of the cool kids embarrass her by doing mean things but luckily she has at least one friend named Lucy. She helps her out a lot throughout the book by telling her it’s okay like calming her down and doesn’t laugh while everyone might laugh at her. Emma has a hard time fitting in, in the new high school. Meanwhile the book club is reading the book Pride and Prejudiced. They all hear what happens to Emma and feel bad that when spring break came they decided to raise money for a ticket for Emma to come and go back to England. They have a bake sale to raise it will they make the money for Emma to come? Read the book Pies and Prejudiced to find out what happens.