Support HB1539

Allow parents to petition for early Kindergarten admission

What does HB1539 propose?

If a child's 5th birthday falls between Aug 1 - Sep 1 this bill would allow parents to ask the School District to allow their child to begin Kindergarten. If the school district has enough capacity in their classrooms (<90%) then they may grant the request.
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Why should you support it?

This bill provides an opportunity for parents to make the decision for what is best for their child while giving the school districts the ability to make
  • Gives Parent's a choice to make the best decision for their child
  • Reduces financial burden of childcare for families that have children ready to begin school but their child's age is just days or weeks beyond the cut-off.
  • Allows school districts the flexibility to add students based on capacity

It's a win for Arkansas children.

How you can help:

Contact your Arkansas State Senator and ask them to vote for HB1539.

As of March 15, 2015 the bill as passed the House so you only need to lobby your State Senator. Find your Arkansas State Senator and email, call, and tweet them asking them to help Arkansas families by passing HB1539.

Bill Details:

Name: To provide for petition for early admission to kindergarten under certain circumstances; and to declare an emergency.
ID: HB1539
Sponsors: Rep. Jana Della Rosa (R), Sen. Bart Hester
Full Text: PDF