Bajaj V Bike

The Much Awaited Bajaj V is Finally Here!

There have been tones of excitement surrounding the launch and finally, Bajaj, the Indian two-wheeler giant has brought in the new 150cc Bajaj V. The bike has been made by the metal of INS Vikrant and it has made the launch of the Bajaj V even more spectacular. It also does show the patriotic side of the company that has brought a million smiles to a million customers in India. Ever since the news of dismantling the INS Vikrant broke out, Bajaj decided to make sure the metal of the ship was used to better effect. With the launch of the Bajaj V bike, it can be safely said that the INS Vikrant has a second life.

Production for the bike is already underway and deliveries for the bike are due in March. There have been plenty of bookings and rightly so too. The bike has been packaged well and is powered with a 150cc DTS-I engine that turns out just under 12BHP at 13NM. One of the highlights of the bikes is going to be the higher power ratio and the fact that it has close to about 25% more power in comparison to other 125cc bikes in the segment. Plus, there have been plenty of thought o make sure the bike is kept extremely classy in design. For example, the removable cowl for the pillion seat is an eye-catcher and would definitely bring on a second look. The removable cowl makes the bike a single piece unit and very different from the regular bike too. Another highlight of the bike is the 18 inch tyres in the front and the 16 inch at the back, quite standout. The makers of the bike has not stopped there though, they have placed a cannot-miss INS Vikrant insignia on the fuel tank of the bike. Almost making it a stamp of the Navy seahorse!

As mentioned, the bikes would be out for delivery in March and the production capacity is already at about 20,000 per month. The bike will be available in two colors now - Ebony black and pearl white. The bike is bound to increase the strong market share of Bajaj in the Indian market. As on date, they hold a strong 19% and it is estimated to touch 23% soon. Connecting with the sentiment of the INS Vikrant is a brilliant move from the two-wheeler giant to achieve this. The teaser of the bike was released on republic day and launched at the Delhi auto expo. The use of INS Vikrant metal has been a fundamental part of the bike promotions and rightly so too. INS Vikrant was India's first commissioned aircraft carrier and was added to the naval service in 1961 before being decommissioned in 1997. The warship guarded the Indian waters for 36 long years and was considered to be one of the best warships of India.

Branded as the INS Vikrant metal bike by many, there is much expected from the motorcycle and it is left to be seen how the reviews would be. So far, with the specifications given, it does look like a great package and the huge number of pre-orders is evidence on the expectations.