The Young Elites

Equality prevents the fear of others

The Young Elites, by Marie Lu

Presentation by Audrey Maxwell

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Malfettos should be treated the same, even if they are different

All people should be treated equally. People are afraid of the Young Elites, and of malfettos, in general, because they can be violent to people who have wronged them. They also speak out and go against the crown. However, if malfettos were treated with the same respect as other people, they would not feel the need to be violent. Sometimes, innocent malfettos are publicly burned at the stake, like Adelina would have been. People at the public burnings throw rotten food, small stones and insults at the poor malfetto. Out of their fear for malfettos, people treat them badly, like dirt instead of humans.

When a malfetto, Adelina, is about to be burned at the stake...

"Demon!" someone yells at me. I'm hit in the face with something small and sharp. A pebble, I think. "She's a creature of evil!"

"Bringer of bad fortune!"



The history of the hate

"When the blood fever first passed through, killing a third of the population and leaving scarred, deformed children everywhere, we were pitied. Poor things. Then, a few parents of malfetto children died in freak accidents. The temples called the deaths acts of demons and condemned us. Stay away from the abominations. They're bad fortune. So the pity toward us quickly turned to fear. The fear, mixed with our frightening appearances, became hate."

~ as told by Adelina Amaterou

A fantasy novel