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puzzle for car key

Puzzle 1. Twelve pentominoes are arranged in a 6x10 rectangle as is shown in the topmost diagram. Can you divide the rectangle, along the black lines only, into two parts that can be fitted together again to make the three-holed rectangle shown in the bottom diagram?

Puzzle 2. Arrange the twelve pentominoes to form a 6x10 rectangle but in such a way that each pentomino touches the border of the rectangle. Of the several thousand fundamentally different ways of making the 6x10 rectangle (rotations and reflections are not considered different), only two are known to meet the condition of this problem. Asymmetrical pieces may be flipped over.

weather for this week

Jan 14

Mostly cloudy and chilly47°Lo 35°

Jan 15

A touch of morning rain49°Lo 29°


Jan 16

Sunny and warmer56°Lo 33°


Jan 17

Times of clouds and sun61°Lo 44°


Jan 18

Sunshine and patchy clouds59°Lo 34°


Dear Abby,

I have this friend that is making some poor choices requarding friends and activity outside of school of school I really like her as a person and I want to continue to be their friend but I do not agree with what they are doing what do you suggest that I do


Don't wont to lose my friend

Dear I don't want to lose my friend

I think

Dear abby,

you are my friend. But I think your decisions. you are hanging out with the wrong people. you are starting to act like you don't know anybody anymore. if you continue we are know longer friends



the patiots is 12-4 they are doing very good this season as a team and they are on the way to the super bowl