Tiong Bahru (Seng Poh Rd)

In the past,present and future.

Interview Findings

Background Information Of Interviewees

Interviewee 1 : - Female

- Age : 40 - 49

Interviewee 2 : - Male

- Age : 30- 39

Interviewee 3: -Male

- Age : 40 - 49

  • The interviewees said that the heritage place is very interesting.
  • They think that there are alot of cafes there as it has a lay back feeling (vintage).
  • The place here is a trend.
  • They find the residents friendly
  • However, some of them said that some of the residents are arrogant.

Here are some cafes they are interested to go.

Sketches of Seng Poh Road

This is the area that we sketch :)
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Big image
Big image
Big image
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Tiong Bahru ( Seng Poh Road ) has a lot of old bulidings and it has a lay back (vintage) feeling that makes it special to residents. It has monuments such as Qi Tian Gong Temple. Tiong Bahru is also a heritage place that most tourists visit. The old housing flats also contributes to the specialty in Tiong Bahru. The interviewees said that many of the residents are old and some of them are friendly and arrogant. The residents are also lack of interaction.

Credits to the interview we did and google.