Once and for all Jainism



Do you know about Jainism? There are non-living and living souls. Jains have beliefs, and there are still Jains today! Jains are people who worship Jainism. The Jains are very interesting.

Living and Non-living souls

Living souls are conscious, chetan, jiva, and non-living souls are unconscious, achetan, and ajiva. Non-living objects are further classified into five categories which are, matter-pudgal, space-akas, medium of motion-dharmastikay, and time-kaalo or samay.

Questions You Might Have

- How many Jains were there back then?

- How was Jainism created?

- Why did people meditate?


The religion and non-violence reaction is a belief because they believe in non-violence. They believe that both realities are internal. They also believe that human being can can and do engage in both which effects not only this life but, the next one as well. They believe in karma which is good and bad actions.

Jains Today

Today there are 6,000,000 Jains world wide, and they represent less than 2% of India's population. Many migrated to East Africa and from there to Britain, where the community is around 30,000. Jainism does not claim any adherents. No Jain can belong to any profession, that takes a life or prophets from slaughter.


A lot of things went on back then, and there is still a lot of things going on now with Jains. There are a lot of Jains now, I wonder how many Jains there were back then.


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