Genetic Modification

By Mia Smith

What is Genetic Modification and what is a GMO?

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To answer your question...

The definition of genetic modification is "The alteration and recombination of genetic material by technological means, resulting in transgenic organisms". To genetically modify something, you must directly change its genome or its genetic make-up.

GMO stands for genetically modified organism. To be genetically modified you have to have been altered in some way through technological advances. Like with bread and yeast, different organisms are bred together to create something new that producers think the consumers will buy.

Why Do we Genetically modify Plants?

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As said above, producers make organisms fatter or meatier in order to make the consumer desire the product more. Some plants are genetically modified to keep it from going extinct, meaning some plants and their benefits might be wasting away so their genetic make-up is crossed with another plants so that it may keep existing.

Ethical Issues?

Some people believe..

Some people believe that such practices are not healthy for the human body. Others believe that it could possibly be altering the way plants grow. A large number of people believe that the genetically modified plants alter the growth of animals as well.

My opinion?

My opinion is that GMO’s are okay in some instances and not okay in others. I believe that using genetic modification to make a plant/animal “Prettier” or more desirable to the eye then I do not support genetic modification. I do support it in the instances where it is used to create Genetic diversity.
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