Emma's News Report

November 1st 2015- November 13th 2015

November's Big Ideas!

For the month of November we have focused on being thankful, writing like Gail Gibbons, and writing proper letters.

During the past two weeks students have read a few fiction texts on being thankful during our reading block, practiced writing an informational book on one of their favorite activities like Gail Gibbons during our writing time, and have written thank you letters to past teachers, and the instructors at the planetarium.

Students took a trip to the planetarium, and attended a special STEM activity day in the past two weeks. During the second quarter student's will focus more on the earth's atmosphere, our solar system, and the universe.

In math we will continue to work hard on new second grade skills and review the harder skills we learned last year in first grade.

Things to practice and study this month...

1. In ELA - practice reading to find the main idea. Read some old favorites or new exciting books and work together to see if you can find the main idea, theme or lesson of the book.

2. In Writing - Practice writing letters to friends and family. When writing practice writing neatly and sounding out unknown words.

3. In math - review addition and subtraction problems using the magic 8 and 9 strategies. Also, start practicing some basic multiplication facts to prepare for our upcoming new unit.

4. In science - Go to the library and check out a book, video, or audio book on space. This month our students are scientists, exploring the unknown!