Digestive Journey

Come with us on this amazing journey through the digestive system

Have you ever wanted to know where your food goes? How it gets processed? Well i am sure you have and NOW you can find out with this once in a life time journey! We take you on a guided journey through the digestive system

How it Works

First all the passengers get into a unbreakable submarine which then the tiny-ray shinks down to a bite size peice of food. We then get put inside the humans mouth. This takes us through the digestive system in a easy and safe way. To exit the submarine will come out through the deposit section of the human. The human will deposit us in a special bowl and we will go through a submarine wash. Were then we will get enlarged by the big-ray machine.

The Science

The first exhilarating point along the way is the esophagus. This 25cm tube like organ is located at the start of the digestive journey. This part of the tour is like a vertical slide! Next we meet the stomach this is a J shaped organ with a 2L capacity. Once food is in here it gets churned up by the wall of the stomach. Sometimes food can stay in the stomach for up to 4 hours! From here we go into the small intestine. By the time the food gets to here it is well processed and the nutrients go through the walls of the small intestine and into the bloodstream. Aside the off-putting name the small intestine is quite large it can range from 4 - 6 metres long but its extremely skinny 3-4 cms wide. The food the passes on to the large intestine which is only 1.5 metres long but is 7-8cms wide. The large intestines job is to collect any of the last minerals and water. Then all the unwanted waste gets collected and is prepared for deposit.