The Tiger rising

Is an awesome book

My Opinion

This book is amazing. It has cliff hangers, and is very descriptive. It has mystery, it pulls you in, and it has emotions and keeps you on your toes. THIS BOOK IS AMAZING!!!
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That's the Book cover

The book is about a boy who see's a tiger in a cage and has deceased legs. Because of that he gets beat up but he meets this new girl. Because of his legs people at the school think it's contagious. Because they think that the principal temporarily suspended him until he gets cured of the disease. He knows it won't go away so he is happy he will not be going back to school. He helps his dad around the motel they live in and the girl and him become really good friends. If you want to read the ending of the book, read it, it is one of the best books I have ever read. You wont be disappointed.


Rob has deceased legs. He is in 7th grade and is always bullied. He is beat up, harassed, teased everyday by two boys. He is working for his dad and had school but not anymore.


Sistine is named after the Sistine Chapel. She moves in with her mom and goes to robs school. She meets him. At school she also gets bullied but by and and a little by the boys rob gets bullied from. She says her dad is coming to get her but he doesn't.
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