Tai Woo Ltd Group Food Review

Tai Woo Ltd Group Food Review: A Unique Dining Atmosphere

I could not forget my first experience at the Boilerhouse. I just love it here the fact that it is very convenient for me to go to. The Boilerhouse and adjacent chimney stack, located on UWS Parramatta Campus were constructed in 1894 from finely crafted sand stock brick. Containing fire boxes and a number of artifacts of historical significance, the restaurant serves modern Australian cuisine.

And I think they live up to their promise because personally, I think that this place has a distinctive space for an ideal venue for your corporate lunch, group gathering or function, garnished in history.

I really like their modern Australian cuisine teamed with industrial chic decor to create an atmosphere. It has its personality that spice up the palettes of restaurant goers, and I am proud to say that one is me! I just couldn’t resist its unique dining atmosphere.

I feel at home whenever I am at the Boilerhouse, the Australian cuisine and the feel and the vibe of the place are simply welcoming. It was like dining at grandma’s, you feel loved.

The fact that the servers and even the patrons of the Boilerhouse are very friendly they are very much one of the reason I keep on coming back to this place aside from the food of course.

And speaking of food, don’t let me get started I am afraid I might not be able to stop discussing about the food! As you enter the place, you will smell the sweet smell of the food that awaits you. You will starve and eat as you please for sure. Oh well, this happens to me each time I visit.

According to Alex Kibble, Managing Director at Tanner Kibble Denton Architects, “The transformation of the UWS Boiler House is an exciting combination of new and old...the kitchen is housed in an extension that links the existing boiler hall to a new open air pavilion. The pavilion echoes the form and nature of the Boiler House, yet is detailed in a contemporary nature. The Parramatta campus of University of Western Sydney is a significant and historic place. The project introduced a new physical presence: it is not historicist nor is it overtly contemporary; yet it makes a new statement of university life.”

What are you still waiting for? Come and try the awesome experience that the Boilerhouse can give you. Next time you have function remember only one restaurant and it is no other than the Boilerhouse!