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Team Newsletter for the Week of September 6th - Issue 6

Tell Me About Your Private Parties...

Have you gotten this question recently? If not, you will--especially with our location having such a HUGE "walk-by" clientele. Here is some information that is basic to the concept of Private Parties but also specific to how we run them at our studio. This will equip all of you with everything you need to know if, and more importantly, when, you get approached with this question!

-Private Parties are a fantastic way to get your friends and family together for a unique evening of entertainment and relaxation.

-Private Parties cost the same as public classes ($35) BUT you get a LOT more bang for your buck!

1. Your group gets an extra 30-minutes of social time prior to your 2-hour paint class!

2. You get to choose the date and time of your Private Party!

3. You get to choose the painting from our gallery of over 1000 paintings OR we can create one for you for just $50.

4. You have the option to request your favorite instructor!

5. Your group gets to BYOB (wine, beer, and/or mixed drinks/liquor)

-Private Parties that are reserved between Sunday-Wednesday during the week only have a minimum guest requirement of 8 people.

- Private Parties that are reserved between Thursday-Saturday during the week only have a minimum guest requirement of 10 people.

- We require a major credit card and a non-refundable deposit in the amount of $35 (the hostesses seat fee) at the time that the party is booked.

- Once the party is booked it will be posted to our online calendar where guests can view the painting choice and conveniently register and pay online so the hostess doesn't have to keep up with payments. If they choose, however, they can make one large payment to the studio and the hostess can simply collect payments from guests outside of the studio.

- We do Private Parties for a variety of occasions:

1. Birthday Parties (adults and kids)

2. Bachelorette Parties (we even have amazing backside nude paintings that can be pitched as "The Classy Bachelorette Party")

3. Family Reunions

4. Team Building

5. Holiday Parties

6. Engagement Parties

7. Baby Showers (guests can even create paintings themed around the nursery that create a collage and they can present the mural to the mom-to-be for a unique, memorable gift)

8. Devotion & Design (we leave the wine out and cater to church groups of all kinds: ladies groups, youth groups, etc. and we can also take our studio into the church--we have been asked a LOT about this recently)

9. Retirement Parties

10. Paint It Forward Fundraising

11. Design on Wheels (we bring the party to you) AND MORE!

Sneak Peek of October...

Fall & Halloween Sample Painting Session

I would like to get everyone together--either at once or throughout one week coming up soon to paint as many Fall & Halloween samples as we can so that we can begin to change up the paintings in the window and create more of an aesthetic window display.

Please email me days/times that you would be available to come in to do that--preferably this coming week or next week.


As we continue to learn more about City Center, and the demographic of Newport News and Hampton Roads in general, we are striving to determine which days and paintings will bring us the most success at the studio. As we attempt to figure this out while we work to make our presence known in this new location, you may see some movement in the schedule.

Be aware that at this early stage in the business, we are constantly reevaluating class dates and times, and paintings which will inevitably have us reevaluating your scheduled days and hours.

Having said that, if something with your schedule changes, you will certainly be notified immediately, and we will make every possible effort to ensure that these changes are not drastic.

Class Photos

End-of-class group photos are always something that we do. Now, corporate has created a weekly audit for studios that make these photos mandatory. I am now required to submit these photos to corporate each week, so we need to make sure--although I know we're all doing this--that photos are being taken throughout class as well as the group photo at the end. We make this easy since we don't use a special camera, you can simply take these photos with your phone throughout the evening.

This is now part of the list of closing duties. Before you leave the studio for the evening, these photos need to be sent to me via text. Aside from the corporate aspect, this also allows me to post class photos THAT evening, almost right after class. This is extremely important because people LOVE seeing photos of themselves and they look for them immediately following class. This fulfills our guest satisfaction and also prevents the incident of guests having to call the studio to ask where their photos are if I am able to post them that same night. In addition, it gives people a GREAT reason to "like" our Facebook page.

ON A SIDE NOTE: Speaking of our Facebook page, we cleared 600 likes this week!!! We went from a mere 200 likes when we opened on August 15th and in the 3 weeks since then have generated 400 more likes! That's HUGE!

New Team Newsletter Weekly Installment - What Classes Officially Made This Week!

I wanted to incorporate a section into each week's newsletter, similar to the "Words of Wisdom" section that let's you know which classes officially made this week. This will take the guesswork out of having to wonder if certain classes have made.

9.12 - Ozzy the Ostrich - Christy

9.30 - Tuscan Vineyard - Robin

This Week's Words of Wisdom

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See you soon, friends