It needs to stop now!

Research Questions

  1. Why do people bully?
  2. is bullying related to depression?
  3. to girls or boys tease more?
  4. does bullying lead to suicide?
  5. are adults affected by bullying?
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Summary of Research

Bullying has never been a good thing, it causes so many bad things, and it needs to stop. Teasing is what a lot of people do to show love, and in that case it can be a good thing. But “Teasing can also be done as an act of domination. When one person 'teases' another and the second person feels only discomfort, then the teasing has not worked. Normally, a person who tries to tease and realizes that it had not worked will apologize. If, however, they look down on the teased person as being 'too serious' then this becomes an act of unkindness. It turns into bullying where the intent is to dominate, where the teasing is intended to harm and subjugate.” 1 A lot of times people who tease are the insecure ones, and they try to make themselves feel better by putting other people down. Teasing does not only affect children, though. Adults who were teased as children tend to be more insecure when they grow up, and more likely to abuse people. Bullying is also a very, very bad thing. Bullying is intended to hurt people, and make them feel bad about themselves. Bullying can also have life-changing consequences. “Bullying can affect everyone—those who are bullied, those who bully, and those who witness bullying. Bullying is linked to many negative outcomes including impacts on mental health, substance use, and suicide.” 2 If people would stop purposely hurting each other with words and actions to make themselves feel better, aka: bullying, the world would be a better place. People can help stop bullying by telling others about it, and standing up for each other. If everyone looked out for each other there would not be bullying, or a lot of other problems.

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