Ms. Davis' 1st Grade Newsletter

October 2015

All About Ms. Davis

My name is Lindy Davis, I am having a blast teaching your children! Your kids are the reason I love my job and I truly believe I have the best job in the world! I received my education at the University of Houston, where I studied Early Childhood Education. This is my 3rd year teaching here at Hope Elementary School and I have enjoyed every moment of it. The staff at Hope Elementary wants to partner with you in investing into our students' future, so please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like any resources to further education in your home.

At a Glance

October 13- Library day

October 23- Field trip permission slips due

October 23- Extended recess day

October 26- Pumpkin Patch and Fall Festival field trip

October 27- Library day

October 30- Halloween Parade and class party

*every Tuesday and Thursday in October are P.E. days (wear tennis shoes)

Help Wanted-Field Trip Opportunity!

When? Monday October 26 from 9am-2pm

Where? Houston Pumpkin Patch and Fall Festival

What? The entire Hope Elementary first grade class is heading over to the Fall Festival for our October field trip. Each student will have the opportunity to pick their very own pumpkin from a pumpkin patch (we will decorate at school during our Halloween party on October 30), we will catch a ride on the hay ride, bob for apples, learn how to make our very own scarecrow, and learn all about pumpkins!

Please send your child with a brown bag lunch and $2 to buy a pumpkin. The field trip permission slip is being sent home today in your child's weekly folder. Please return by the end of this week. If you would like to be a chaperone, please indicate your availability on the permission slip.

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Weekly Classroom Highlights

Star Student of the Week: Amelia Smith

Math Concept: Addition and Subtraction of Three-digit Numbers

Science Concept: Spooky Science: Ooey Gooey Chemical Reactions

Reading Concept: Fall-themed Poetry

Specials: Wednesday is library day, Tuesday and Thursday are P.E. days (tennis shoes), Friday we will have an extended recess time so please send your child in comfortable play clothes.


Please remember that on Friday October 30, your child will have the option of wearing their Halloween costume to school for our school-wide parade. Some general reminders about your child's costume: please no scary costumes, please make sure your child's costume is comfortable enough to be worn all day, please send a change of clothes with your child in case there is an issue, please ensure that your child's costume is appropriate for a first grader. The parade will take place at 11:30am on Friday October 30, parents and family members are encouraged to come and participate or take pictures. There will be a short show-and-tell in our classroom immediately following the parade that you are all welcome to come and watch. Join us to see what your children have been learning in class and what fun crafts they have been preparing to share.

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Global Awareness Opportunity: Thailand

Great news! Our class has partnered with a first grade class in Thailand to be pen pals. Each student in our class will be paired with a student in their class. Our partner class is located in Hat Yai, Thailand. This entire year, we will be writing and receiving letters with our pen pals. The purpose of this activity is to build global awareness, to put our letter writing skills to practice, and to learn more about cultural differences. Each letter will be read by me prior to sending and prior to your child receiving them. I was able to participate in a very similar program when I was in grade school and it was one of the coolest memories I have from school. If you would like to know more about this exciting opportunity, please send me an email. I would love to explain why I think this is a great activity for our students!

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Try this spooky science experiment at home!

Here is a fun and interactive activity to further your child's understanding of chemical reactions at home.


-2 bottles of Elmer's white school glue (4 oz per bottle)

-8 oz of warm water

-1 (2 oz) bottle of glow in the dark paint (sold at craft stores)

-food coloring of your choosing (we used neon green and orange in class)

-1/2 cup liquid starch (I use Sta-Flo brand)

-black light (optional to make the slime glow even more!)


1. Pour glue into a large mixing bowl.

2. Add warm water to mixing bowl. Mix well.

3. Add food coloring and glow in the dark paint to desired color. Mix well.

4. Add the liquid starch until you reach a thick and stretchy slime. Mix well.

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Contact Information

As always, I am here to partner with you to help your child learn and grow!

If you have any questions, concerns or would like some resources for at-home learning please reach out to me. It is truly my joy to build a relationship with you, so I can better serve your child.

Phone Number: 713-555-5555


Classroom Website:

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