Spreadsheet - Busniess Lives

Criterian D: Evaluating

How will you test your client?

I will print out my spreadsheet and I will send this trip to my client, I will test my client by letting her first look at my brochure then I will let her analyses the brochure first and letting her list out her perspective out and compare to my design to determine, if the brochure says what she expect.

Design Specifications

• Colorful
• Different layouts
• Includes at least 6 photos of the relevant about my trip
• Use Water Mark
• Title page/Cover page
• Easy access
• All information content
• Includes the table
• Must be printed
• Each page should be made on Word Document, Water Mark, A Photo


For this evaluation I will let my class mate check my design and give me back the feedback for me to improve my spreadsheet, and this is the list of my classmate that will evaluate for me ( Cameron, Bunhuy, Monytep, Dara )
Big image


Dara: You need create your spreadsheet to be more easier to view and your information is too much but nice spreadsheet design.
Cameron: You need to add more color for this spreadsheet because it will look attractive and nice.
Bunhuy: Everything is fine
Monytep: More colorful and need to make less information or text

Compare and Contrast

After finishing creating my brochure and compare to my original design I did change a bit of design because I got too much information but at least all the photo that I content in the spreadsheet and from my perspective some part of it disappoint me so bad because the way I draw on my design it very impossible to make in real life.


  • Less word/Information
  • Easy to access
  • More high quality of photo
  • Big fonts size
  • Easy to read


  • It helps keep your daily day organized and better life style.
  • It provides the amount of money needed to be brought on that day make everything specific.
  • It plans out where you are going so you don't need to stress out about where to go for your vacation.
  • It shows how you are going to get from point A to point B.