Mrs. Rusack's Literacy Learning


Here you will find tools and resources needed to be successful in 7th Grade English. This page contains tools for students and resources for parents. I hope you find this page to be a helpful guide in promoting literacy learning at home!

Documents to Help Students When Reading

Please use these reminders when reading novels and selections in class and at home.

Tools & Resources to Use At Home

Parents, please feel free to utilize these websites and videos at home with your child to promote strong literacy development.

Making Inferences

Making Inferences
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The Reader's Journey

The Reader's Journey is an innovative novel-based Language Arts program dedicated to making students lifelong readers. The program follows the Understanding by Design model - a common sense approach for connecting curriculum, instruction and assessment so students develop deep understanding every day.

Students can choose unit literature related to the concepts being taught in class. These units will help strengthen literacy, vocabulary, and comprehension.

8 Ways Your Librarian Can Promote Literacy

This is an excellent resource for parents about how to promote literacy at home.

Games, Games, Games!

Here are a few online games your child can play to strengthen their literacy skills.

Literacy Zone- Online literacy games and activities to help children improve spelling, grammar, punctuation, and writing skills.

Grammar Girl- Free podcasts that cover common grammar mistakes and issues.

Current Events

Here you will find resources that go along with the current novel being read in class.
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