By Mia 9A


I am investigating aviation and how it has affected our lives. Aviation is a subject worth studying because it will help us a lot in life knowing about globalisation. Or, if we want to become a business man/woman and want to be involved in trade. This topic would be majorly important for that career.

Low Cost Airlines

1 AirAsia

2 Jetstar Airways

3 Virgin America

4 Air Asia X

5 Indigo

6 Norwegian

7 Jetstar Asia

8 EasyJet

9 WestJet

10 Azul Airlines

EasyJet - Air France

The prices will change depending on the destination, the time of year, but either way EasyJet is much more cheaper than Air France. On average, a flight (50 Minutes) from London to Paris on EasyJet would cost around 100€. On Air France, the same flight would cost around 200€.

How do EasyJet keep their costs low?

One of the main ways EasyJet keep their costs low is by charging the customers for food and other additional things. Also sine the name is catchy and easy to remember the customers will automatically think of EasyJet to get their flight tickets also knowing that they are cheap.


How has this impacted tourism around the world?

Cheap flights have impacted tourism a lot. Firstly cheap flights have persuaded more people to travel knowing there are cheap ways to get to places. Globalization has helped spread this around the world by advertisements and all sorts of communication.

Why is tourism important to many countries?

Tourism is important to many countries because the more that people travel, it's more useful for countries to give out jobs. Also it's more productive for the countries to sell souvenirs to make more money and keep the tourists happy. For example the Bahamas depend on tourists, if they didn't come the Bahamians wouldn't earn any money for their souvenir shops and they would need to shut down causing people to loose their jobs.
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How have improvements in airplane technology impacted the costs of tickets?

Since our technology has evolved, we use less fuel for the aircrafts. It's cheaper for the plane owners to provide the fuel with our improvements, so the price of plane tickets have decreased. This has caused more people to travel because the customers know they can rely on the cheap flights to go to destinations that they need to go.


What percentage of world traders carried by air travel?

45% of world traders carry by air. Every year since 1950, 5.4% of air trading increased. This has been a huge bonus for big industrial companies because their products would be travelling and carried more often. Now, since we have also developed cargo ships, big companies started shipping their good by boat because it is much cheaper for them. Boat shipping is cheaper because it has a lot more space and can carry boxes of all shapes and sized and the wight of the container doesn't matter. Whereas if you transport by plane, you can't carry as much and there would be a limit of size and weight so the plane could actually be able to hold the containers.


What is expected to happen to global trade as a result of air travel?

Global trade is excepted to rise as a result of air travel. This will happen because all the transnational corporations such a Nike or Adidas have a stores all over the world, so if they keep on transporting their products by air travel, the planes would go all around the world which would make it global. Air travel for global trade is good and bad. Good because it's a fast way to transport, but bad because it's very expensive and the companies won't be able to ship as much as by boat.


Why is air travel so important to many industries?

Air travel is very important to many industries, for transept and for customers. As I said before it's fast to transport goods by plane. Also, the more passengers that travel to different countries (by plane), the more the companies would make and the more it would satisfy the customers. So the answer is yes, air travel is important to many industries.


How have improvements in airplane technology impacted the costs of running planes and therefore the costs of air freight?

Airplane technology has improved majorly since the first plane successfully flew in 1903 (the Wright Brothers). The fuel efficiency has improved which means we don't need it as much as we used to and this is because of the technology improvements. Since these improvements have been made, the passengers are charged less for the plane tickets causing them to travel more. But that hasn't completely answered the question. These changes have made air freight cheaper since everything has evolved. Now it's cheaper to carry because we use less fuel which usually costs a lot.


Is Aviation suitable for the transportation of all goods?

Aviation isn't good for all goods, but it has helped us a lot. Aviation is good to transport small items that don't take up a lot of space for example:

-Small stuffed toys for kids

-Light jewellery

Whereas aviation isn't as good for products such as:


-Canned foods

Canned foods might seem to be light because they are usually in a little can, but imagine 1000 canned foods on a plane, it would be very heavy since can is aluminium. So for these heavy items cargo ship shipping would be easy (as I said before).


Imagine we didn't have aviation, what would our lives be like? There would be no trade and no travelling, that wouldn't be good. Aviation has been essentially important to us for example for health care in rural areas and LEDC's. Aviation helped them by shipping the goods to those countries. Also, law enforcement, firefighters, search-and-rescue, disaster relief workers and countless of other careers need aviation to serve the greater good. So aviation is and always will be important to us for many more generations.