Cyberbullying Club

Lets Put An End To This.

Join this club to make a difference!

This club will be a place where you can learn many new things about what truly is happening inside the digital world. All of us need to know the truth of what's out there and what others are capable of using the digital world in a negative way. In this club, we will be doing many fun activities such as watching videos based on our lesson, being creative, and much more!

Every Thursday at 2:30 afterschool

We will be meeting in Room 14. Things needed: nothing!

Activities We Will Be Doing

"It isn't big to make others feel small."

Why Get Involved?

Getting involved will help you learn useful things that can help you through the internet. As new technology is coming out, there are also different social medias that are coming out too. Knowing this, we need to know how to be safe and how to be careful when we own a social media. You could also spread the word to others of how it's important to realize what we post.