Westwood Middle School

March Newsletter

Westwood Families-

We hope this update finds you well and looking forward to some warmer days ahead. The third quarter will be ending March 17th so please continue to encourage your student to check Powerschool and stay caught up on all assignments.

To contact the Main Office, please call 440-284-8017

Office Updates

It is that time of the year when open enrollment forms are due for the 23/24 school year. If your student is open enrolled this year, forms were mailed out to you last week. Please return them to the office as soon as possible. Call the office if you did not receive yours.

Please remember to call the office if your student is going to be absent for the day. Attendance is a very important factor in your student's success.

Feel free to contact the main office with any questions or concerns.

Mrs. Cunningham

Drop off/Pick Up

This is just a reminder that student drop-off and pick-up is located on the elementary side of the building. Lately we’ve been having parents drop students off on the middle school side in the morning which is affecting our buses and shuttles. Please do not drop students off on the middle school side; only the elementary side.

OST Information

Your 5th, 6th, 7th, and/or 8th grade Elyria student will be taking his/her spring Ohio State Testing in English Language Arts, Math, and Science. The state testing is one way to inform us on how well your child is growing in the knowledge and skills outlined in Ohio’s Learning Standards. These tests help guide and strengthen future instruction so that we can best prepare your child for long-term success. Below you will find your child’s testing dates and information on how you can support your child during his or her assessments.

Ways to help prepare your child for the Spring State Assessments:

  • Have discussions with your child letting him/her know that the assessments were created to make sure they are on track from grade to grade.

  • Visit the website for ongoing information, sample test items and practice tests.


March 28- ELA part 1- ALL grade levels

March 30- ELA part 2- ALL grade levels

April 18- Math part 1- ALL grade levels

April 20- Math part 2- ALL grade levels

April 25- Science part 1- 5th/8th

April 27- Science part 2- 5th/8th

From the Nurse

News From The Nurse

March is National Nutrition Month

Busting food myths just because a grocery item contains the word fruit, grain, or vegetable doesn’t make the food healthy.

Myth: Fruit juice is a good source of nutrients.

Fact: While fruit juice does contain vitamins, it lacks fiber and is usually full of sugar.

Best bet: Encourage your student to eat whole fruits, such as bananas and oranges, which give them more fiber ounce for ounce than juice.

Myth: Cereal is always a nutritious breakfast.

Fact: Many cereals, especially those marketed to children, pack in lots of sugar. Look out for “sneaky” sugars in the list of ingredients, such as cane juice or molasses.

Best bet: Opt for 100% whole grain cereals that are high in fiber (5 grams or more per serving) and low in sugar (less than 8 grams per serving). Send your student on a “treasure hunt” in the cereal aisle to find varieties that meet those standards.

Myth: Vegetable chips make a healthy snack.

Fact: Packaged veggie chips can have as many calories as potato chips, and they may be high in sodium, too. Plus, nutrients are lost when the vegetables are processed.

Best bet: For the crunch without the calories, get your child in the habit of snacking on raw vegetables like carrots and snap peas.

Happy Snacking and call Mrs. Hess, Licensed School Nurse for any ideas or questions about health related matters. Clinic 440-284-2853

March Dates

March 9- Tech e Club

March 10- Blended Learning Day- Students learn from home

March 14- PI day celebration in 7/8 math classes

March 16- Tech E Club

March 17- End of quarter 3

March 20- Records Day- No school

March 27- Track @ Avon Lake

March 28- ELA OST part 1

March 30- ELA OST part 2

March 20- Track @ Home

Quarter 3 Incentive

5th/6th grade students: April 3

7th/8th grade students: April 4

Cost of the trip is $20.00 and includes:

Main Event: All you can play activities, Bowling, Arcade Fun card


Lunch at Golden Corral

Partners of Westwood is picking up half the cost and paying for transportation.

Permission slips will be handed out March 22nd with payment due by March 31st.

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Westwood 2022-23 Yearbooks

Price $25

You may order your Westwood Year Book using the following link:


There are also paper order forms in the office that are available upon request.

Thank you for your support.

All orders due by April 7

Class Trips

If your student is still interested to attending their grade level trip, it is not too late. Call the office for more information.

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