All About Sea Stars

Different Types Of Sea Stars

There are many different types of sea stars. They can have all different colors in them such as blue, purple, pink red, brown, grey or they can even be multi-colored. However the most common colored sea stars are orange. Five armed sea stars are the most common one, but they can have 10, 20 or even 40 armed sea stars exist. Their are about 2,000 species of sea stars living in the ocean. Did you know sea stars don't have a head or a brain? Sea stars are probably found from the intertidal zone down to abyssal depths, 6,000 meters (20,000 feet) below the surface. Try and guess which sea star tastes the best. If you guess the chocolate chip sea star, you are wrong. Enemies that eat sea stars guess that too. However you are wrong because the chocolate chips are actually spikes. Another sea stars called a goosefoot sea star, this sea star is so different from the others because it has five arms but there is a layer of skin that goes over top of the arms so now it looks like a circle.

Life Cycle Of Sea Star

Female sea stars make eggs while males produce sperm. Females release eggs about the same time that the males send clouds of sperm into the water. Most sea stars do NOT care for their young. Sea stars larvae floats in the water, going wherever water currents take them. As star fish grow the larvae sink to the ocean floor. Now eventually they become adults. Most sea stars live for about 35 years.
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Sea Stars v.s. Sea Cucumbers

Sea Stars and Sea Cucumbers have some similarities and they are both different from each other. First they both live in the sea, the bottom of the sea. They are both also both echinoderms. Sea stars have 5 and up to 40 armband sea cucumbers basically are shaped like a cucumber so they don't have any arms. Sea stars have about 2,000 known spices and, sea cucumbers have about 1,250 known spices.
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Can Sea Stars Really Regrow Their Arms?

Yes, Sea Stars can regrow their arms if it gets cut-off. A few spices of sea star are so good at growing new arms that a cut-off arm can grow into a hole new sea star. Next when the sea stars are growing a new arm, this process that the sea star is going through now is called, regeneration(rih JEHN uh RAY shuhn). Regeneration means replacing a body part with a new one. It can take up to a year for a sea star to replace missing parts.
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The Deadly Virus

Their is a disease in the west coast that is causing at least 20 different species of sea stars, this disease is called wasting syndrome. This virus has been in the Pacific Ocean for about 72 years. No one knows what caused the virus to explode in the past year killing up to 92 percent of the sea stars in some areas. This virus starts with making sea stars move slowly. Then it develops white sores. Later,the arms began to break off and crawl away. Finally the sea star turns into a gooey mess and it dies.
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