Articles of Confederation

Santos Sandoval


1.governed the nation during the revolutionary war

2.negotiated treaty of Paris at the end of the war

3.passed the land ordinance of 1785


1.leaked power to enforce laws

2.lacked power to envy taxes

3.lacked power to regulate trade a among the state

Northe west ordinance


A law that organized territory in the new world


Evere state in our country Washington origanized by the nw ordinence

Positive:taratory van become a state

Negative: 60,000 peole need to be in your state

Shays rebellion


Farmers were sent to jail because they could not pay taxas


Shays leads a Malaisia to shut down the cort house on cort house nessasery

Positive: lead to astrong central gov

Negative: a of c is too week it needs to go