Friday Focus

May 13, 2016

Summer Reading Program

Liz and Cari are once again facilitating our summer reading program at Howe. The reading bags have been purchased and the letters written. They have both put a lot of work into making this an annual activity to keep kids reading over the summer.

As you may recall from a previous Friday Focus, there are actions educators can take to help reduce "summer slide" (when students fall behind in their reading achievement from spring to fall):

  • Provide ample time for students to read independently daily.
  • Acknowledge graphic novels, pop culture texts, and magazines as real texts.
  • Allow students to read beyond their "level" if motivated by the book.
  • Teach authentic habits of real readers, such as abandoning books if we lose interest.
  • Partner with community organizations (i.e. public library) to help students stay active as readers during the summer.
  • Leverage digital tools, such as blogging, for students to post and share about their reading lives with peers.

One change to this year's efforts is we will be encouraging students to check out as many nonfiction texts as fiction texts. More information will be located on a letter placed in each bag.

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The biggest reason for this change is the money used to purchase the bags came from a donation from an energy distribution company. They requested that the funds be used toward science and mathematics learning. I thought that by encouraging students to select nonfiction/informative texts as part of their summer checkouts, we could rationalize the purchase of the bags. It is also good practice to read a wide range of texts.

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Know Your Howe Staff

Angie Pyburn has been a constant presence in our lunchroom and on our playground this year. She serves as a guest aide quite often at Howe. Did you know that:

  • her husband is a race car driver?
  • her children attend WRPS schools (Washington, East)?
  • she enjoys spending time with her two dogs at home?

Reminder: EE Meetings

A reminder for nonsummary faculty not scheduled with me to connect with Nic on a date for your end-of-year meeting.

Also, now is a good time to start tagging your instructional walks I have provided via paper and email. Use the Danielson Framework for Teaching, Domains 2 and 3, for this process. Below is the video I shared last week about how you might approach this reflective task.

Align Instructional Walks with Teaching Framework

Friday Grade Level Meetings

Friday, May 20th, 8-8:30am

221 8th Street North

Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Time to work on EE artifacts and ratings.