Kate Middleton

Princess Kate

Family & birth

Kate's grandmother is Queen Elizabeth. Kate has a son and a daughter,her son's name is George,and her daughter's name is Charlotte. Kate married prince William. Kate's birthday is January 9th 1982. Kate has a sister and a brother named Pippa and James.

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When Kate was 11 she liked to play soccer,and golf. When Kate was in high school she helped and supported charities, Kate's favorite thing to do is help and watch kids paint. When Kate was 3 she liked to clime rocks. When Kate was 2 her family lived in Amman, Jordan.

College &career

In college Kate learned about what she could do to be the princess of England. Kate grauated from college when she was 25, in 2007. Kate went to college at Marlborough college.

Accomplishments & Leadership

Kate's real name is Cathrine Elizabeth Middleton. Kate speaks British. Kate got married at Westimester Abbey. Kate is remembered as the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate's husband William was in the milatary. Kate met William in college.
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William and Kate Kiss on the Balcony - The Royal Wedding - BBC

Why kate is a leader

Kate is the princess of England. And she is famous. And Kate's grandmother is queen Elizabeth.