Tuesday's Thoughts

May 30, 2017

The Final Days

It is so hard to believe that we have only two full days and three half days left in the school year. I hope that you will enjoy your students these last days and continue to make a lasting impression on them that they will always remember. Enjoy them, ride bikes with them, and play a game with them at recess. You are an important person to all of your students so make the final days count!


I am excited to announce that we will offer the YMCA After School program to all of our students next year. This program will run every day that we are in school and will go until 6:00 each evening. The purpose of this program is to provide snack, help with homework, instill character building, and provide clubs for students. This program will be a cost to our parents, but is much lower than the daycares our parents use right now. The cost is below:

*$45 a week

*$15 a day

*$30 a week for district employees

Our school will receive 5% of the program revenue. We will continue to have our GoalPost program, but Goalpost will be for students with academic needs and will be structured to have small groups to promote learning.

We will begin advertising this soon, so I wanted to keep you in the know.

Profile Cards

Remember to bring your profile cards grouped by grade level and your F & P folders with a writing sample included to my office as soon as they are complete.


Awards are in the conference room. Remember to complete the shared document as you fill out your awards. After they are completed, put them in the box on my door, and I will get them signed for you.

Upcoming Dates:

*May 31st: FieldFling

*June 1st: K5 & 1st Water Day, 3rd grade awards- 8:30, 4th grade awards and Beta Club Induction, 9:30, 2nd grade at 10:30 in the reading garden

*June 2nd: Fifth grade graduation, 8:15, 4th nine weeks house party and Cup Winner party, 9:10, Dismissal at 11:00

*June 5th: Fifth grade dance, 9:00, Dismissal at 11:00, Staff meeting at 1:00

*June 6th: Dismissal at 11:00

*June 7th & 8th: Summer Academy, "Make It Happen, Make It Matter!"

Data Wall

Very Important: Remember to update the electronic Data Wall as you finish your leveling.

Planning Ahead

*August 14th: Teachers return

*August 21st: Students Meet the Teacher- this is the day of the Eclipse. We will plan our Meet the Teacher around the Eclipse. :-)

*August 22nd: First Student Day (The Best First Day Ever!)