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Developmental Relationships: Expand Possibilities

What does that look like?

  • Inspire: Inspire them to see possibilities for their future.
  • Broaden Horizons: Expose them to new ideas, experiences, and places.
  • Connect: Introduce them to people who can help them grow.

Bottom Line: Connect them with people and places that broaden their world.

Discussion Starters to Expand Possibilities

It can be exciting and stimulating for family members to help each other explore new possibilities together.

  • What is one thing you really enjoy that someone else in the family introduced to you? How did they introduce you to it?
  • What is enjoyable about spending time with people who are different from your family? What can make it hard?
  • Who are significant people outside your immediate family who have had a big influence on your life? How have they influenced you?

Discussion Starters with Other Parenting Adults*

  1. What are ways you have introduced your kids to different ideas, people, or cultures? What has worked well for you? What didn’t work out well?
  2. Sometimes we worry about our kids getting exposed to ideas or beliefs that are different from our own. How might those encounters help our kids grow?
  3. Most families spend most of their time with people who are a lot like them. What ways, if any, has your family intentionally expanded your circle of friends to include people with many different backgrounds, experiences, or beliefs? What opportunities do you see for doing that?
  4. What are areas of life where you have encouraged (or could encourage) your child to get help from an adult outside your family? How has (or could) asking someone outside the family for help made a difference?

* These parenting adults may include your spouse or partner, extended family members, friends who are parents, or a parent group or class.

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