3-D Printers!

Them 3-d printers doe...

Did you know that 3-d printers can make anything 3-d!?

3-d printers are so popular they are even used for movies or stunts! This advanced printer makes 3-dimensional solid object from a digital file. It is printed or achieved by any process that is in you're file. For example if you lay a 2-d material in the printer,The printer can copy the whole object but just 3-d!

#3-D Printers!

3-D Printers

So these are the advances of 3-D printers

3-D Printer was created...

This printer was created because it was used by Stereo lithography Technique.Charles Hull which is the person who created this had a printer that sold great and he got inspired by what he made and decided to make something better. This device has definitely changed over the years! Today it is now faster. It can now be automatic and also the textures of the created object has improved.