The Reenactment

A poem

The Reeactment

An innocent man held his fist high

A victim of bravery

Awaiting to die

Dust roared over the night sky

It was silent until a distant women's cry

Racing black figures soon turned to unicorns

And red coated men stood in tacky uniforms

Everyone gathered on to the streets

The sky cracked with lightning and the sound

of marbles fell was sleet

People raced towards them with wooden canes

An avalanche of snow rolled over the plains

Dust once more rose in the air

Many watched the fight die and despair

The avalanche covered the city in ton of snow

Many ran in fear leaving loved ones alone

Houses fell in piles of wood

The red coated men left nothing just stood

Many stood with bare feet

Woman fell down to their knees

A man cursed to the sky about this tragedy

but more screamed in agony

Then there was a sudden rush

And the little boy woke up

Eyes white as milk

but still alive as he felt

He peered across the bed

To see exactly what happened in his head

By: Maddie Webb & Genna Sullivan

The Reenactment